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A Connection to Nature

“Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” - Walt Whitman

A Connection to Nature

One of the most important elements of our school experience is our time spent outside. It may seem a simple thing but it is monumentally beneficial to everyone!

We begin each school day outside. This is the best way to start our day! It gives us all a chance to make that connection with nature, to run, play, climb a tree or talk with a friend. It’s a glorious thing to be outside on a sunny morning. However, if it’s sprinkling, snowing, windy, or cold a few moments outside (or sometimes more if the students are enjoying it) sets us up with the peaceful alignment of our spirit to the Earth.

When it’s time to start our morning lessons, we are centered and really ready to begin. Our lesson time is productive and meaningful. On a nice day we can stay outside and do our lessons.

Our students love to have lunch outside! One of their favorite parts of their school day is exploration time after lunch. So much is happening during this time. They are playing and having fun, yes, but they are also learning to communicate and collaborate with each other. They are exercising their imaginations and expanding their creativity together. At times conflicts arise and in this space, they are learning how to handle that productively, to listen to each other and explore their own emotions. When children are experiencing the outdoors together there is much more happening than it may appear at first glance. We see this time as very important and there is much opportunity for learning and growth.

Our days spent outside find us connecting with the elementals. We see kids who love to be with the trees. They hug, climb and play in them. They are connecting with nature through the trees. These children are feeling the love from the Earth and because of this, the well being of our planet is important to them. They care deeply about their home and they are the ones who will grow up and protect the land. We see them connect to the water. They love to play in the water. We even see them talk to the water and they find such joy in watching it flow through the streets and yards when there’s been a heavy rain. We see them caring for animal and plant life. They have such compassion for them! They love the animals & plants they see in nature. One of our favorite centering exercises is to connect with the sun; we send the sun our love and gratitude and we rejoice in all we are given by the sun!

We know because of this beautiful connection that these children naturally have with nature our planet’s future is bright. With knowledge, an open heart and a connection to the land, our students will spread that joy, that knowing and their love for nature with their community. They are Earth’s ambassadors and we will keep learning, laughing, loving and connecting together outside everyday and in every way we can.

“The Earth has music for those who listen.” -William Shakespeare

-Emily Hopkins


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