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Tuition and Fee Schedule 2023-2024

Annual Tuition:
11 Monthly Payments:


Kindergarten through 8th grade


New Students Application fee





$7,200                                                                                     $655                                          






non-refundable                                                                 With initial application

Tuition Deposit                                      One month's installment                                                        With signed enrollment papers


Tuition Deposit

A deposit of one month's tuition installment is required with the enrollment papers. When we receive the enrollment contract, the application fee, and tuition deposit a place will be held for your child in the class.

11-Month Payment Schedule:

1st payment is due August 1st

2nd payment is due September 1st

3rd payment is due October 1st

4th payment is due November 1st

5th payment is due December 1st

6th payment is due January 1st

7th payment is due February 1st

8th payment is due March 1st

9th payment is due April 1st

10th payment is due May 1st

11th payment is due June 1st

After the 5th day of each month if the tuition is not paid it will be considered late and there will be a $20 late fee applied for every day that the tuition is not paid.




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