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Our Teachers

Antzela Piperidou
Founder, Director, and Teacher


Antzela Piperidou comes from the island of Cyprus. She came to the United States in 1991. She graduated from KU with an M.A. in Clinical Social work and three B.A. Degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Communication Studies.  She continued her studies in alternative healing and became a Reiki Master and teacher.  She is also a graduate of a three-year energy healing program called 'Healing through the human energy field'.  She is certified in regression and hypnosis therapy.

 To bring even more balance and well-being in her life and that of her clients and students she went to Nashik in India and studied at the University there to become a yoga teacher.  After studying and working in the United States for about 14 years she moved back to Cyprus with her husband.  There, she collaborated with Dr. Dinos Xedas at his clinic 'Asclepios' where she offered energy work and counseling to clients.  After that and for about seven years she created, run, and worked at 'The Terra Center' where she offered energy work, counseling, workshops, Reiki certification classes, regression and hypnosis sessions, and group and private yoga classes.

While in Cyprus she taught at the Frederick College Philosophy and Communication to students that were studying to become teachers.  During the last year and a half, before moving back to the United States, she was hired by the research center of the European University to be part of a research project on the benefits of yoga practice.  She was also a guest lecturer at their social work department and psychology department.  She also lead workshops on yoga and 'how to raise your vibration and live from the heart' for the staff and students at the European University.  While in Cyprus she was a guest on the TV cable 'Athena' and the radio station 'Astra' talking about energy and vibration.  


She describes her interactions and working with children throughout the years as heart-opening.  


Antzela's desire is to give to young people what she didn't know when she was growing up and becoming an adult, what she learned the heart way, the tools, the knowledge, the wisdom, the information, the practices, a way of life, a way of thinking and feeling that is more loving, more compassionate, more joyful, more balanced.  


In August of 2012 Antzela, her husband Nick, and their son Raphael came back to live in the United States.  Now, she knows why she left Cyprus again, the people there and the sea, to come and create the 'Lawrence School of Love' for her son and all of the children and their families that are ready for this new way of living on the earth, a more Loving way!




Emily Hopkins


Emily grew up in Kansas. She has a degree in Elementary education from the University of Kansas. She has worked in various schools in northeastern Kansas with young children of all ages.  From an early age, Emily knew she wanted to be a teacher, and naturally, once she started working with younger kids in middle school, she never stopped. Now a mother of three, she has found that she loves EVERY stage of childhood. 

After working in public schools as a classroom teacher for seven years, she left her position to stay at home with her children. She was sad to leave the classroom but found that she never stopped teaching and spent her time teaching and learning with her children at home. She loved teaching and the amazing children she worked with in the schools but found the traditional classroom environment restricting and lacking in educating and nurturing the whole child. It was when it was time for her to consider her own children’s formal education that she really started to wonder if the traditional environment was right for their family. After a lot of consideration, she decided it was not. As a parent and a teacher, she wanted an environment that was loving, safe and allowed children the freedom to explore their creativity, natural curiosity and imagination.  She found this at the Lawrence School of Love. It has been a great joy for her to be a part of this school as a parent and a teacher. Learning and growing right along side children and their families is so rewarding. She is so excited to continue on this educational journey with wonderful people open to all the joys this way of educating children will provide.




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