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   "The Lawrence School of Love has been such a gift to our family. It’s a beautiful place for our children to learn and where learning is absolutely fun! The students have the freedom to pursue passions, show creativity, and learn in ways that are appropriate for their individual needs. It is amazing how the students, although they may have individual strengths and areas that are of higher interest to them, still seem to enjoy educational activities across all of the subject areas. The environment is one of inclusion and acceptance. The teachers and students recognize that everyone is unique and has something to offer the collective group.  

   Children and their families find support here that I have not experienced elsewhere. Children’s hearts and minds are supported here and it is a safe place. I have not once had a worry about my children’s emotional or physical safety. I find this to be invaluable and so important in today’s world. In addition to the love, creativity, and freedom the school allows children, there is also structure and the day-to-day runs smoothly.  It’s not chaotic or overstimulating as some learning environments can be. Academics are cherished and celebrated.  The projects and assignments the students do, support their interests but also provide the learning for important skills. 

   My children differ in learning styles, interests, and temperaments and yet this school has been fantastic for them both. They truly LOVE school! They love their teachers and their classmates. It is an amazing place that we are so looking forward to continuing in and sharing with others. To us, The School of Love is the stuff dreams are made of and this dream is real; it’s here for us to enjoy!"

-Emily Hopkins

"My child has been attending the Lawrence School of Love for nearly 7 years now. I know that the caring, wise soul that my son has grown to be is a direct result of the lessons and guidance that he has received at the school. It speaks volumes about the environment that the teachers have created that the students are so excited to be at school, they look forward to Monday mornings and the resumption of school after a break!

For anyone that is concerned about the ills of many schools today, be it over-testing, overcrowding, too much homework, too little play, etc., I would say that School of Love has been the answer to all of the above. The focus on the emotional and spiritual growth of the kids, as well as the academics, is creating well-rounded, well-adjusted, and academically sound young people. I rarely have to remind my son to do his schoolwork - he is interested in the things that he brings home and is genuinely curious and engaged in his lessons so he will work on things without needing to be told. In fact, after studying poetry at school, he continued to write his own after the poetry unit had ended. The teachers do a great job presenting a fantastic variety of content, from drama and music to physics and chemistry, as well as foundational content in math and language arts.

The year-round calendar that the school uses has been wonderful. Looking at the data and the benefits of a year-round school, it makes sense that this is how a school should operate. As a parent, I am grateful that our school follows a calendar that has my child’s best interests in mind.

I cannot emphasize enough the gratitude and joy that comes with sending my son to a school that he absolutely loves. Knowing that he is receiving a balanced education which is preparing him to be a kind, curious, thoughtful, independent, and loving person is all a father could ask for."

-Nicholas Myers

"My son has been at the Lawrence School of Love since kindergarten and is now halfway through his 4th-grade year. The five years he has been at LSOL have been incredibly supportive of his growth and development.


Academically, he is engaged and loving the fun ways in which they learn at the LSOL. The project-based style of learning has helped him fully integrate his education in a very valuable way. Emotionally, I have witnessed him mature in compassion and understanding for other children in ways that I don’t think he would have in a conventional school setting. 


This school sets the tone for highly positive and cooperative socialization. The children are equipped with tools for self-regulation including breathwork, grounding, yoga, meditation, and sound healing. A huge plus, they spend so much time outside, it’s wonderful for them.


 It has been such a great experience for us, and the school continues to grow in beautiful ways! We feel so grateful for this community. I would recommend the Lawrence School of Love for anyone looking for a school for their children that will fully support them and help them grow into their full potential." 

-Brooke Viola

"My daughter has sincerely transformed this year through her experience at the School of Love. Her spirit, passions, awareness, tremendous sense of adventure, and voracious desire to learn have all been given the space and nourishment I so dreamed for her to have. Because Angela has done such an amazing job of organically working with the children’s own rhythms, I’ve witnessed a deep sense of relaxation in my daughter as she is not wrangling with an over-scripted agenda for her education. She has the space to explore how she best learns and, ultimately, is supported in discovering the person she wants to be. In addition to the fun and creative ways she’s effortlessly absorbing “core” skills through play-filled learning (her math, reading, and writing are on track with public standards if not advanced beyond), she’s been introduced to so many other wonderfully enriching subjects such as sign language, music, geography, meditation, and so much more. Her very favorite passion is nature which is the foundation for the “classroom” and is consciously included in her education. She’s also developing more refined abilities to communicate what she needs while respecting those around her. Not only is the school taught with love, but it also embodies a culture of love. The children are all guided to be supportive of one another, are learning to sincerely listen to one another, and are encouraged as peer teachers to deepen a sense of confidence and community. The most vital component is the fact that the children are celebrated for who they are and their differences are a strength to the school, not a challenge to be silenced for convenience. No matter where life takes her, I know The School of Love is helping my daughter to establish a strong foundation for her to thrive. I have no doubt that as this school evolves, it will become a model for more learning environments in the future. The School of Love is true education, and Angela’s vision, spirit, and dedication is a gift to us all."

-Clementine Mitchell

                                                       STUDENT TESTIMONIALS

"I started school seven years ago when it first opened. That year I was in kindergarten, and I went to the Lawrence School of Love since then. I’m in sixth grade now, and the school is just as fun as it was seven years ago, and even more so. Every day I wake up excited to go to school and learn more things. I love everything we do there, from S.T.E.M., Language Arts, and geography, to meditation and yoga. I love that we’re taught all the academic things such as math and grammar, but also to connect with our body, heart, and nature. I love that we spend so much of our time outside, playing and learning. I love that the school has a wide age range, so I can play with kids that are other ages. The Units that we do are so interesting and different, like famous musicians and dragons. I’m always excited about our events, like the Science EXPO or the Calvin and Hobbes play. The mixture of subjects makes every day exciting and different. When I’m at school or think of the school I feel so grateful that I go to this amazing and wonderful school. The Lawrence School of Love is the most caring, thoughtful, fun, exciting, and loving school I know, and it’s my perfect school."

-Raphael, age 12


"The Lawrence School of Love is such a safe and loving place. I always have a good day at school. Nothing we learn is ever boring! I love how close I am to my teacher. 

At this school, we have so much freedom and so many unexpected adventures. Visitors come to teach at our school such amazing things. This school has opened my heart so much. We are all loved equally! 😋😍🤩"

~Scarlett, age 9

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