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Science Expo Fall 2021

Hello, Everyone, we feel it's time to share more of what we do at our school. The year 2021-22 is the second year of being a year-round school and we all love it!

In this particular blog, I would like to share about our Fall Science Expo. Teachers and students have so much fun preparing for it. We do a lot of S.T.E.M. projects as well as science experiments. This is our 7th year of operation as a school and we have seen the benefits of hands-on projects. The children get to apply the skills that they learn in other subjects like math. We have seen their skills of measuring, constructing, building, tactile, and computation improving every time we do a project. They put their hearts into these projects, they are motivated to do them, they learn how to be patient with themselves, and collaborate and help each other. They learn to work within a team, with their peers, and communicate with each other in order to complete their projects.

Each child made their own pantograph, spectroscope, abacus, and water rocket that we launched. They also made aeroelastic flutter buzzers, rubber band race cars, lava lamps, and barometers. They learned about the Fibonacci sequence and made their own Fibonacci spiral project. In the past, we have made periscopes, Rube Goldberg machines, twirling helicopters, paper sundials, shoebox solar ovens to name a few. While we study how to make these projects, we learn about their history, the math, the physics behind them, and the real-life applications.

The science experiments are wonderful as well. We learned about copper reaction and debated if the penny should stay or go. We studied density, volume, and mass in our Sink or Float experiments. We learned about the elements of air and water in so many different experiments, including ones on cohesion and air temperature.

We recently acquired a 3D printer. Our older students ages 9-12 were able to design their own 3D print on Tinkercad and print it.

Two of our older students conducted a research project on solar power and built a model of what our future school building could be like using solar power.

Our oldest student wrote a research project on wind energy and built a wind turbine.

What is not easy to relay is their love, enthusiasm, curiosity, joy and struggle, inner fire, and passion for science!

Check a couple of videos we took during our 2021 Science Expo.


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